What is this condition of the skin and how should it be treated?

Examination revealed a series of dark comedone-like lesions, scattered inflamed papules, isolated pustules and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. Close evaluation revealed a series of dilated follicular orifices, which were crusted and had connected trapped hairs. The surrounding terminal hairs were orientated obliquely over the skin surface . An assortment has been used by The patient of hair removal methods, including electric shavers, tweezers and waxes.Suarez-Almazor, Carol Looney, Yanfang Liu, Vanessa Cox, Kenneth Pietz, Donald M. Marcus, and Richard l. Street, Jr. Arthritis Care and Research; Published Online: April 21, 2010 ; Print Issue Time: September 2010.. Aflac raises $1.16 million through a grant campaign for pediatric cancer treatment Aflac announced that it has raised more than $1.16 million for the Aflac Malignancy Center through a coordinating grant campaign with Causes on Facebook, making it the biggest sponsored campaign in the past history of Causes. The effort resulted in 851,215 new members joining the Aflac Tumor Center Cause, helping to generate consciousness and monetary support during Childhood Tumor Awareness Month.