What is the difference between complementary and alternative therapies?

They are by definition unproven. If established, it would not be an alternative, we all are with them. They are generally biologically invasive, expensive, and harmful – in and of itself, but also because they prevent patients from ever needed care in a timely fashion. Return: What types of side effects causing targeted hormone therapy in men?. What is the difference between complementary and alternative therapies?Answer: There is a big difference between alternative and complementary medicine. Alternatives, particularly in cancer medicine are especially dangerous because they are usually offered as literal alternatives to mainstream care. These are products and activities and therapies that are promoted to be used instead of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

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Lundbeck Institute. Psychiatric Rating Scales. PDF available at: Accessed the 7th December 2005. Kramlinger K. Mayo Clinic on Depression. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Clinic Health Send, Calabrese JR, Keck PE, Macfadden W, United States BOLDER Study Group.A randomized, double – blind, placebo – controlled study clearance of quetiapine in the management of Bipolar I Disorder and II depression. Am J Psychiatry. 162; 1351-1360.

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