This class of individuals includes younger patients.

FUT generally targets the mid-part of the donor area in search of permanent hair roots for yielding high quality grafts. The case of FUE is different, as in this process, follicles are extracted from upper and lower elements of the donor area, which might ultimately result in lack of the hair transplanted from these areas to other parts of the scalp. * With the duration of time the continuing thinning in the higher and lower portions of the donor region may lead to visibility of FUE marks. * FUE damages grafts more, making them more open up and fragile to trauma. The reason being the FUE grafts usually do not possess the protective dermis and fats of microscopically dissected grafts.According to the work group, one key issue that should be answered in potential research is usually whether surgeons should perform the same operations and use the same fixation methods with older patients because they do with young patients. Lichtman points out that some elderly individuals are more youthful than others physiologically. By weight lifting, getting regular exercise, and staying in form, some seniors possess the same bone structure of a person 20 or 30 years young. Lichtman and his co-workers had been looking for answers to the particular question in today’s overview of the literature and had been surprised, once again, to find that no answers existed at this right time.