They foundes breatheGoing to church could help you breathe easier.

‘ Pulmonary function is an important indicator of respiratory tract and overall health, but little is known about the psychosocial factors that predict lung function might know the same time, religious activity is, as a potential health promoting factor emerging economies, particularly in older people to see. Wanted to wanted a connection between the two, ‘Maselko said. ‘Religious service attendance and deterioration of lung function in a high-functioning elderly cohort ‘in the November 2006 issue of the Annals of Behavioral Medicine was published, was conducted while Maselko, assistant professor of public health, was at Harvard University.. They foundes breatheGoing to church could help you breathe easier. A new study from Temple University Joanna Maselko found that religious activity may protect and maintain pulmonary health in the elderly.

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