These omega-3 fatty acid is widely available from an algae or fish oil source.

Recent research results indicate that treatment with omega-3 fatty acids could help to improve the outcomes of TBI. Is one of the is one of the most important fatty acids in the brain where it can play a series of neuroprotective roles found. The new study complements recent evidence – A can reduce the first treatment of any kind caused of brain tissue damage caused by TBI. These omega-3 fatty acid is widely available from an algae or fish oil source. The DHA used in the study used in the study algae algal species.

The Centre for the Study of Retired Athletes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a study to determine whether DHA affects long-term retired retired National Football League player. .. The new study raises the possibility that DHA may routinely be given to groups at high risk for TBI. This could involve the athletes in football and other sports with, However, they young children and older adults. Other groups of patients, such as those at high risk for stroke could also benefit from preventive treatment with DHA. – The essential concept of daily dietary supplementation with DHA, so that those at significant risk may be preloaded to provide protection against the acute effects of TBI was available, has enormous public health, write, Bailes and coauthors.In the U.S., socioeconomic position than as measured by race, has generation, were 1.2 the education and health care access to significant impact on overall health. Mary Marga Recover, by of the arthritis Research Group at University of California, of San Francisco and lead author of the study, said: ‘We assess extent to which the low SES influences the relationship between disability and depressed to a better identified, with a higher a higher risk for depression.

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