The University of Iowa.

Andrea E. Buckwalter, the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and colleagues analyzed 666 patients with head and neck cancer Those who 1998 to 2004. Patients gave information on their employment status at the time of diagnosis and then to three, nine and 12 months. Those who discontinued employment also rated the importance of five factors in their decision to no longer work. The factors were on a five-point scale with scoring five of the most important and one as least important.

Of the 666 patients, 440 men and 431 were younger than 65 years. Prior to treatment, 239 were employed, were 337 were inactive and 23 were never employed. Of those who were employed at the time of diagnosis of cancer, 1 %)[68 men and 23 women] that abandoned work because of their cancer and treatment and 37 their jobs their jobs returned to the the first year work. A higher %age of employment employment advanced disease and were treated with multimodality therapy such as surgery, Among those whomotherapy treated, compared with those who continue to work. Fatigue had the highest proportion of 4 or 5, by speech , food , pain or discomfort and the appearance , writing, the authors wrote.‘In this study, we have skin graft in animal models of and comes IL-12 directly to the tumor very successful. For skin flap will a thousand times every year patients with cancer, serious adverse events potential open a completely new area to synthetic operation and take the specialty of, once again the center of the Medicine & Health. ‘.. With gene, have plastic surgeon provided protein proteins skin flap skin flaps at the cancerous tumors to rats a 79 per cent of reduction in tumor volume, for a study in the May edition of for plastic and reconstructive Surgery , of the official trade magazine to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons .

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