The teams goal is of intelligent of intelligent

The project is one of nine currently in the NSBRI Smart Medical Systems and Technology Team portfolio. The team’s goal is of intelligent of intelligent, integrated medical systems in the provision of high quality health care in spaceflight and exploration.

The project is of NSBRI Smart Medical Systems and Technology led a team member John Crossin, is the combination of two existing technologies – the iRevive patient record software and the Lightweight Trauma Module monitoring and therapeutic care system. The easy – to-use, integrated LTM / iRevive system will be a tool for medical care astronauts during long duration space flights, especially since a quick return to Earth will not be possible. ‘The integrated system creates a medical record for vital sign readings and observational data,’said Crossin, president of 10Blade, in Plymouth, Mass. ‘It will collect, monitor and fuse patient care information with physiological patient data and optimize remote medical diagnosis, ventilator, intravenous fluid therapy and treatment options. ‘.

This studies was partly offset by Avid Pharmaceuticals, maker of florbetapir , and aid from the National Institutes of healthiness finances.

Other Johns Hopkins researchers who part in the study includes Paul B. Rosenberg, Yun Zhou, Anil Kumar, Vanessa Raymont, Hayden T. Robert F. Dannals, Ayon Nandi, James R. Weiguo Ye, John Hilton, and Konstantin Lyketsos.