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Elekta Synergy is the market-leading image-guided radiotherapy solution revolutionizing radiotherapy ,tegrated 3D volumetric imaging at the time of treatment. Imaging by patients in the treatment position during the actual time of the treatment is able to improve accuracy and Elekta Synergy treatment offers physicians greater certainty that the intended therapeutic delivered to the patient delivered to the patient as planned.

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However, there is little risk of the medical procedure that embryonic material can stay in the uterus and there are different views about whether the women If any checking to ensure that the fetus is have been properly presented. In Europe, for instance, women must to be kept under medical observation, require required in the U.S. Bethesda Maryland United States In that , the Food and Drug Administration to use of mifepristone of medical abortion in 2000. It is approval only for the use during the first 49 days of of pregnancy.