The results confirm the presence of bacteria at amounts warranting continued EPA scrutiny.

In instances where international flag aircraft examined positive for total coliform, those airline companies were notified of the positive test outcomes and recommended to disinfect and retest the aircraft. Within the first round of sampling, EPA, during August and September 2004, tested the water supplies on 158 aircraft nationwide randomly. Aircraft tank water can be used in the galleys and lavatory sinks. Initial screening of onboard water products revealed 20 aircraft with positive results for total coliform bacteria, with two of the aircraft testing positive for E also.We strongly believe that prevention may be the only cure, and that neurosurgeons possess a job in preventing traumatic brain injuries. We need to be requesting, ‘Are there means of decreasing the incidence of concussion? How many athletes go on to experience long-term or permanent problems after concussion? And why can be this subgroup therefore susceptible ?’ We have to get beyond anecdotes and obtain solid information.’ – – Alex B. Post-concussive problems, including headache, imbalance, mood and attention problems, extreme daytime sleepiness, etc., result in decreased school efficiency in the adolescent and poor function functionality in the adult. Long-term results on health and efficiency on those people who do end up having chronic problems need to be better elucidated.