The re ported incidence of Caesarean scar pregnancies is normally 1:1800 to at least one 1:22161.

Sac aspiration under ultrasound guidance can be carried out, along with regional injection of embryocidal agent such as methotrexate, potassium chloride, hyperosmolar glucose etc. Double 16 gauge needle used for oocyte retrieval have been used lumen, which allows aspiration of items through one lumen and instillation of embryocidal agent through other lumen. Serial beta hCG titres are completed to confirm successful aspiration of the merchandise. Conclusion: Caesarean Scar pregnancies remain a rare entity despite an increased Caesarean section rate world-wide.Cook the eggs until they are yellow and the parts of the eggs are company. Undercooked lamb, pork, and poultry is also not right for the sake of your baby. Diced or Pre-cooked chicken ought to be avoided as well. 4. Liver: All women like to eat liver, but this is the hardest part in order to avoid. Liver contains high degrees of vitamin A which are not at all suitable through the pregnancy cycle. It could result in increased threat of birth defects. So it is better in order to avoid it. 5. Cold, smoked and natural sea food: Refrigerated smoked sea food should be avoided during pregnancy which include fish called lox, jerky or smoked. It’s important to keep a check up on your diet. You need to understand that you cannot possess normal food during the time that you will be pregnant.