The LANCET offers published online an analysis of UNICEF.

Dr Horton concludes: ‘Children remain one of the most marginalised groupings in our globe today. The predicament of children may be the predicament of our futures – and the future of our predicaments. UNICEF needs a visionary leader, a person of profound capability to make the next a decade the Decade of Child Survival and Development. Mr Annan, this is the most significant decision of your career – its effects will touch the lives of millions of those who have no voice. Be their voice’.. Ten years of neglect has weakened UNICEF and threatened the continuing future of child survival As a high-level forum assessing the progress on global health in relation to the millennium development goals concludes its meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, today, the rhetoric of success repeated by those charged with closing the needless deaths of millions of the world’s kids masks their own deep-seated failure to grapple with critical institutional weaknesses within their own ranks.Systematic antibiotics should be avoided, except when strongly indicated. From everything we are learning, it really is more essential than ever for doctors to end up being the gatekeepers and preserve their young sufferers from getting medicines that not only won’t help them but may hurt them over time, Schwartz concluded.. AMS pleased with CMS’ increase in 2012 payment price for proton therapy AMERICAN SHARED HOSPITAL SERVICES , a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions for advanced radiosurgical and radiation therapy services, said today that the recent announcement by the Centers for Medicare & Medicade Solutions of a 15 percent increase in the payment price of proton therapy for hospital based centers beginning in 2012 strengthens the economic case for the proton centers now under development by the Company.