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‘My mom is usually in assisted living and most of her income will go towards rent and medication, with nothing left over,’ laments Chris, another caregiver. Helping caregivers fill monetary and information gaps Older adults' out-of-pocket prescription costs can easily add up.'s multi-faceted search tool combats this epidemic by connecting caregivers with more than 100 different assistance programs. ‘When you feel a caregiver, there's thus much you don't know, especially in the first few months,’ says Buckheit, whose mother and mother-in-legislation both taken care of their aging parents. ‘Unfortunately, everything you don't know can hurt you and your family. Our mission has always been to identify the info needs of family members caregivers and create dynamic resources to greatly help them fill these knowledge gaps.’ Â..Discussion Despite intensive preclinical data and two promising single-center trials,4-6 progesterone was not associated with any benefit over placebo, as measured by the GOS-E rating at 6 months, in this large, multicenter clinical trial. The combined groups were well balanced for injury severity, and both intention-to-treat evaluation and the a priori planned analysis of the mark human population were congruent in displaying no treatment effect. The PROTECT III trial joins a growing set of negative or inconclusive trials in the arduous search for a treatment for TBI. To time, more than 30 scientific trials have investigated numerous compounds for the treating acute TBI, yet no treatment offers succeeded at the confirmatory trial stage.15 Many reasons for the disappointing record of translating promising agents from the laboratory to the clinic have already been postulated, including limited preclinical development work, poor drug penetration in to the brain, delayed initiation of treatment, heterogeneity of injuries, variability in routine patient care across sites, and insensitive outcome measures.16 In the look of the PROTECT III trial, we attemptedto mitigate many of the barriers to translation identified in prior trials.