The complete network including 762 people and 877 mouse interactions between TFs.

The integrated approach to systematically map all possible combinations of TFs in mammals has generated large amounts of data in both humans and mice. The complete network including 762 people and 877 mouse interactions between TFs, indicating TF pairs in combination.

The availability of this large combinatorial network of transcription factors , the scientists with many opportunities for gene regulation, offer to examine tissue differentiation and evolution of mammals, said Ideker, professor in the Department of Medicine and at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. He added that the analysis of the network shows that highly connected TFs are broadly expressed across tissues, and that roughly half of the interactions between human and mouse conserved.

The research team identified nearly 1,000 different pairs of TF proteins that can be connected to the blueprint of all possible combinations that direct gene expression in mammals.This study has funded through a cooperation contract over a AHRQ Support the Centres of Education and Research at Therapeutics Research Network , which is part of the Agency Effective Health Care Program. The Effective Health Care Program sponsors developing of new scientific knowledge by studies of outcomes of health supplies technologies and services.

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