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The researchers found no abnormalities in the chromosomes of of the new cell lines, they had good chromosomal stability.They concluded that:’Human MSCs pipe[ mesenchymal stem cells] can easily be isolated, expanded in vitro, are a mesenchymal profile and are capable of muscle, cartilage and bone in vitro. ‘Jazedje said, during surgery. A possible new source of stem cells for regenerative treatments, their findings will hopefully help reproductive science as a whole. – ‘Human fallopian tube: a new source of discarded multipotent adult mesenchymal stem cells during surgery. Bueno, Natassia M Vieira, Eder Zucconi, Mayana Zatz. Journal of Translational Medicine 2009, Published online 18 June 2009. Doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-7-46.

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