The ABBM administers the initial and only exam that distinguishes doctors.

The 2010 ABBM exam will be held in September. Application deadlines are June 15 and July 31. For doctors, nurse doctors and practitioners assistants thinking about becoming qualified in bariatric medicine, visit to find out more.. ABBM grants certification for medical community who treats obesity and related conditions The American Panel of Bariatric Medication recently administered its certification exam designed to recognize doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who practice bariatric medicine and the non-surgical medical management of overweight and obese patients.The clinics also shortly will feature a state-of-the-art informatics system for patient management. Dr. Leonard Ditmanson is medical director of the scheduled program, as well as president of the Pima County Medical Culture. Carol Schneiderman will remain while the Robert and pharmacist Castrillo the individual advocate. Julie Lepa, a nurse practitioner, joined the program recently, and a nurse coordinator is going to be hired shortly. The UA Ryan White Early Intervention Services Treatment centers provide inexpensive, quality, multi-disciplinary treatment for people living with HIV/Helps in Pima County. In addition to stressing sensitive treatment culturally, the clinics provide HIV/AIDS patients access to a full selection of medical, surgical and psychiatric treatment and support for males, women and children.