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The FDA’s decision to grant orBec ) Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of marked gastrointestinal symptoms of cGVHD a further step in the expansion of our orBec ) / oral BDP pipeline, said Christopher J. Schaber, president and CEO of DOR BioPharma. Based on data we have already generated in the treatment of acute GI GVHD, we believe that orBec ), the potential must for for cGVHD patients . . Source: DOR BioPharma.

‘March Nationale colorectal Cancer Awareness Month , which has which perfect reminder of patients ages 50 years or over, that you have are for colorectal cancer screening,’said Gail A. President AGA Institute. ‘cancer the third most common cause of cancer death but it is one of main avoidable cancers, when caught formerly. We can no to emphasize sufficiently strong that the screening process saves lives. Patients should be talk to their doctor in order to discuss all of their colorectal cancer screening. ‘.

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