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With early diagnosis, people can access medications that, although not effective for everyone, have the greatest effect when taken early. On a useful level, an early diagnosis gives somebody the opportunity to explain the adjustments happening within their life to friends and family and allows households to plan ahead. Seventy-four percent of Canadians know someone with dementia and increasingly more Canadians will continue steadily to develop the disease. We want to make certain they're getting the help they need at every stage of the disease, says Mimi Lowi-Adolescent, CEO, Alzheimer Society of Canada.‘By uniquely harnessing the best of biology to develop the best of technology, we will enable clinicians to escape their dependence on invasive thermometry and surface area measurements across thermal barriers.’ Problems with Current Thermometry Because the invention of the thermometer 300 years back, humans possess invaded multiple orifices and penetrated multiple sites in an attempt to overcome the body’s thermal barriers to monitor heat. Because the body’s level of excess fat provides insulation and prevents sufficient thermal emission, the skin surface, such as the axila and forehead, cannot provide accurate thermal measurement. Forehead thermometers are therefore forced to rely on artificial calculations, which can result in underestimation and overestimation. Ear canal thermometry also relies on artificial estimations, and numerous reviews, including reviews by the British Authorities, show the limitations and dangers of the errors caused by ear thermometers.