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Role of the role of the consistency, non – used three levels of integrity – ie variation of the consistency of their responses to a non-conforming child. Several statements have been assigned 100 % integrity – that is, the teacher has dedicated the three-step model of stating the inquiry, make eye contact and demonstrating the request, and eventually lead the child to carry out the request pills for male ed . Other notes were performed at 50 % integrity – that the teachers agreed only half the time, and some instructions at zero % at zero %. – Wilder found that consistently with teachers followed the guided – compliance model, children’s compliance improved significantly – , at 50 % consistency, improves child something some 54 % and 41 %) and zero %, non – compliance either improve, or decreased .

David Wilder, a psychology professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, who led the study reported that if the therapy is consistently implemented, children are much more likely to carry a person in authority command. – ‘It may sound simple, but if the parents do not do it consistently, the results are not there,’says Wilder. – For a period of six months Wilder tested a little-known three-step prompts system on three different levels of consistency to two pre – school age children for 45 – minute sessions several times a week. Wilder Wilder later replicated the study in two children, in a study that is imminent.) In the course of the session, her children simple instructions on how to receive ‘Give me the snack item,”Put the toys away, ‘and ‘Come. ‘ If the child complied with the first request, the teacher responded with brief praise. The teacher repeats the instruction and modeling the behavior of the child. If the child meets this time the teacher praise when praise when the child does not comply within 10 seconds, the teacher repeats the request, while the transfer of the child the activity the activity.

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