Reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry magazine.

A UK police forensic science specialist highlights, however, that an precision of billions to 1 isn’t appropriate when coping with close relatives, who are, after all, probably to contest docs like wills. Chemistry & Industry:.. A DNA fingerprinting technology allows papers to be authenticated with an accuracy of billions to 1 The commercial launch of the first ever fool-proof record security system is planned for 2006, reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry magazine.The agreement provides Merck with a worldwide, exclusive license to analyze, develop and commercialize substances that modulate this focus on. Under the conditions of the contract, Merck has paid Alectos an upfront payment and will fund research to include study of Alectos’ existing portfolio of substances targeting Alzheimer’s disease. Alectos is permitted receive a total of US $289 million in an upfront fee, research, advancement and regulatory milestones and tiered royalty obligations on sales of any products caused by this collaboration.