Radiation dosage.

After adjustment for scan configurations, ASIR was connected with a 27 % reduction in radiation dose compared with FBP, he stated. Our study results present that ASIR permits reduction in tube current while imparting a statistically significant reduction in radiation dose because of the direct relationship between tube current and dose, said Leipsic. ASIR represents an innovative way of radiation dose decrease that shows up additive to existing techniques, he said..‘It does nothing for protection. It’s only a show.’ He offers long called for the ‘Israel-ification’ of American airports, a concept involving a lot more face period with passengers. At Israeli airports, travellers must go through a series of screenings and interviews before ever stepping feet on a commercial flight. For the time being, in the U.S.A., we are stuck with the feckless TSA and its own serial failures and abuses.

Advocates and critics brace for High Court decision on contraceptive mandate The Supreme Court is likely to release its ruling today on a case brought by the owners of Hobby Lobby craft store and Conestoga Real wood Specialties Corp., who object to having to provide some types of birth control.