Principal investigator at LA Biomedical Study Institute.

The total results of the study, funded by the National Center, Lung, and Bloodstream Institute , area of the National Institutes of Health, appeared in the Aug. 25 problem of the brand new England Journal of Medicine. This important study adds to an increasing number of techniques that decrease the frequency of COPD ailments, said Dr. Casaburi. Together, they promise COPD patients who avail themselves of readily-available therapies reduced threat of acute lung illnesses substantially. It has the potential to reduce the misery this disease brings and may also can bring down medical costs, as over fifty % of COPD costs are related to hospitalization for COPD-related ailments.The URS Corporation’s CMG program has yielded a measurable improvement in worker safety and well-becoming, while enhancing efficiency and containing costs, said ACOEM President Pamela A. Hymel, MD. It’s a formula for success that provides inspiration and a useful roadmap for others to check out. With passage of wellness reform legislation, it’s more important than ever for employers to take steps to ensure their employees stay healthy and successful, she said. ACOEM is usually taking a leadership function – with programs such as the Exemplary Practice Citation – to pass on important ideas and innovations to the overall company community and encourage their execution.