PRESS RELEASE Based on nominations from leading stakeholders within the voluntary carbon markets.

This award is recognition of the hard commitment and work from everyone involved in developing the carbon credits methodology, said Trevor Solomon, Intersleek Business Manager for AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business. We see this as adding additional credibility to the initiative, which has seen a substantial uptake in ship owners searching for the last year. Added Oscar Wezenbeek, Controlling Director of AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business: We are delighted our efforts to develop the industry’s first carbon credits methodology have been recognized. This is another significant step in helping and incentivizing ship owners to purchase clean technology and functioning towards reducing emissions and enhancing the sustainability of the shipping industry. In the first circular of claims, two ship owners are because of be awarded a combined total of nearly $500,000 for 17 vessels in 2015.Baby wipes it off whenever we rubs and sweat off our clothes. Using skin lotions allows you to upgrade with important vitamins and minerals of the skin and the wetness it needs to maintain a good health. Make your humidifier investment and buy top quality things products. Pay for standard and not really the merchandise. Purchase an oil-free component greasy epidermis and regular lotion for dried out epidermis. Extra protection, search, wherein the utmost SPF 30 to safeguard you from sunlight. On any monitor, stay away from nutrient essential oil blocking the skin pores of the skin and blocks the sweating.