Results of the analysis demonstrated that AZ-004 supplied a statistically significant reduction in agitation compared to placebo, mainly because assessed by the main element and primary secondary end-points. We are very happy to have this Stage 3 clinical trial released in a peer-reviewed journal of the caliber of the British Journal of Psychiatry, stated Dr. James V. Cassella, Alexza Senior Vice President, Research and Development.S. In of the season and the submission of the MAA in Europe in the third quarter July. The open access article is available on the British Journal of Psychiatry’s website at:..Thankfully, both R-alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine are readily available as separate, non-patented items that can be taken in tandem. Experts recommend LA/ALC for prevention of Parkinson’s Disease Researchers in China are also climbing on the LA/ALC bandwagon. The Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine, June edition, reported a study to evaluate the preventative effects of LA/ALC on the mitochondra in a individual cellular model of Parkinson’s Disease. The researchers discovered a 4-week pretreatment with LA/ALC efficiently protected various human neuroblastoma cells against rotenone-induced mitochrondrial dysfunction and oxidative harm.