Osteoporosis http://www.atarax25mg.org/drinking-while-taking-atarax.html.

Osteoporosis http://www.atarax25mg.org/drinking-while-taking-atarax.html . On Osteoporosis – Abstracts are now being acceptedAbstracts are now being accepted for the only global congress all aspects of all aspects of osteoporosis. The deadline for abstracts is 6 December 2005.Over 5,000 osteoporosis specialists and allied health professionals to the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis visit, 2 to 6 June 2006 in Toronto, Canada. The event will provide a comprehensive overview of new developments, ranging from the latest data on all aspects of basic research and clinical osteoporosis research, new developments in bone cell biology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. In addition, many presentations for new drugs bone loss bone loss and reduce can be focus fracture occurrence in patients with osteoporosis.

Online abstract submission is now available on the IOF website: osteofound.org/wco/2006/call_for_abstracts.php – deadline for abstracts is the 6th December 2005. To send us your abstract go to: osteofound.org/wco/2006/call_for_abstracts.php.

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