Online pharmacies are an area of rapid growth.

online pharmacies are an area of rapid growth, the public must have full confidence that they will receive excellent care by pharmacists, whether online or in the of this service face is. To face. This comprehensive guidelines will be a valuable resource for pharmacists who provide Internet services or plan to do so. .

The researchers gathered data from patients from a comprehensive database, excluding those who died within 90 days. Overall, 4987 two groups: those two groups: those aged 35 to 64 and the 65 – years – old or older . Within these groups, the patients who inhaled corticosteroids within 90 days of discharge from the hospital were given to those who are not compared. Macie and colleagues found that the mortality in patients 65+ who received inhaled corticosteroids were 11.7 %, compared with 13.1 % for those who did not. The patients in the younger group showed better results, with a mortality rate of 3.0 % in patients who inhaled corticosteroids within 90 days, compared with 6.0 % for those who are not and offers a reduction in mortality of 53 %.Atrial fibrillation most common serious chronic arrhythmia is, affects around 4.5 million people in European and 2.2 million people the United states.1 atrial fibrillation patients have a five times greater risk for stroke compared with the common populations. 2 Fifteen % of all strokes are in AF, and one quarter of of strokes in individuals were submitted than 80 years to AF.1.

2001 united Bristol-Myers Squibb’s long-standing thicknesses in cardiovascular pharmaceutical development and commercialization by Pfizer’s worldwide and know how in this field. Apixaban versus acetylsalicylic acid for preventing in patients with AF that failed to and to the vitamin K antagonists is suitable strokes: Y Eikelboom, reasoning and design of AVERROES. Am Heart J, 2013; 159:348-53. Go AS et al. Lence diagnosed with AF in adults are National Implications for Rhythm Management and Stroke Prevention: The anticoagulants and risk factors for patients with AF Study. 2001, 285 :2370 – 2375th Fuster et al.