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The results of analyses of the band of children who acquired cognitive assessments at 24 months of age are shown in Desk 4 in the Supplementary Appendix . Children subjected to valproate in utero had lesser IQs than did children exposed to any of the other antiepileptic drugs . Normally, children exposed to valproate had an IQ rating 9 points less than those exposed to lamotrigine , 7 points lower than those exposed to phenytoin , and 6 points less than those exposed to carbamazepine . IQ scores did not differ significantly among children exposed to any of the other three antiepileptic medications . The association of valproate with poor cognitive outcomes persisted after adjustment for confounders by using two techniques: linear regression analysis and subgroup evaluation with propensity scores and specific confounding variables.To help grow his practice and expertise, Dr. Salerno built a variety of best-in-class nutritional vitamin supplements and products, specifically, his world renowned, complete multi-vitamin; Salerno Ultra Daily Essentials. Additionally, Dr. Salerno released three books, The Salerno Solution, The Silver Cloud Diet and his newest publication, Fight Fat with Unwanted fat.. ASTRO President speaks on radiation therapy for treatment of prostate cancers at MEDCAC meeting ASTRO President Anthony Zietman, M.D., spoke prior to the Medicare Evidence Advancement and Insurance Advisory Committee meeting today on radiation therapy for treatment of localized prostate cancer tumor.