Maximizing Independence for Optimal Aging.

Continuing education credits can be found through the UofL Section of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development for physicians, nurses, physical dentists and therapists. Continuing education credit for sociable workers is in process, and this program is pending authorization by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Registration before Aug. 15 qualifies for early bird discount rates. Registration before Aug. 15 is $125 for physicians; $35 for learners; and $100 for all others.Are you afraid of making mistakes? Do you dread being less than perfect? If so, you are likely to lose your flexibility and get stuck in rigid stagnation and patterns. Nothing at all is softer or more flexible than drinking water, yet nothing can resist it. -Lao Tzu 7. Free to be imprisonedA free mind is also free to give power to other people who don’t respect independence. For most people, that is an unconscious choice. They go along and live out their lives just, hardly ever freeing themselves up to become something extraordinary and unique. At the end of the day, they are filled with excuses and despair about what might have been. They might not have been aware of the choice, nonetheless it was a choice nonetheless. You cannot free a person who doesn’t want independence. It is whatever you can do to free of charge yourself.