Many Obama supporters plan to riot in the streets.

#4) Innocent bystanders could be targeted with violence. Avoid being a bystander and you will not be targeted . The principal strategy is to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time. #5) Don’t join in the riots. Actually if you are angry at the election outcome, taking part in any kind of violent riot or protest is asking for trouble. Even if you don’t provide weapons to the riot, someone from the other side very well might. You could very easily find yourself arrested, beaten, pepper sprayed or shot. STAY HOME and discover various other outlets for expressing your frustration . #6) Think long and hard about the feasible ramifications of having an Obama sign in your yard or on your property.Dr. The device is also authorized for dystonia in European countries. We are thrilled to be the 1st institution in the United States to provide Activa SC, an important new technology that greatly enhances our ability to treat and customize therapy for a big group of our patients, said Simpson. We have a greater ability to fine-tune stimulation and customize our individuals’ therapy, which might help us treat their disease more and in a shorter amount of time efficiently. KlegermanThe Activa SC program is made up of an implantable neurostimulator; a thin, insulated lead that is placed in a particular target within the brain; and an extension to connect the neurostimulator and the business lead.