Malvin Omar Chirnos Cruz.

3 Arizona men sent to jail for human smuggling Three men who pled guilty earlier this full year to human smuggling are headed to jail for their crimes . The three men were recently sentenced in Maricopa County Superior Court for smuggling a person over the border and then keeping the victim hostage while searching for payment from his family members. Malvin Omar Chirnos Cruz , Dennis Ivan Casere Escobar and Marvin Omar Galeano Acosta were each billed with one count of Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Threatening and Kidnapping and Intimidating.

Using one current method, 37 of the 395 men would have been called suprisingly low risk and great applicants for monitoring. Adding the gene check put 100 men into that category, said another study leader, Dr. Matthew Cooperberg of UCSF. The gene check shifted about half of the men into the lower or a higher risk category. It went both methods – – that was the impressive thing. In any category of risk, it added independent information when compared to standard criteria we use today, Carroll said. More work needs to be done, but, in my opinion, this is an excellent start. However, Dr. Kevin McVary, chairman of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medication and a spokesman for the Urological Association, stated the test should be validated in even more men before it could be widely used.