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A high hazardIf the avian flu in Latin America and the Caribbean it is the food security of the most vulnerable groups in the region is threatening. In these countries, poultry typically accounts for over 70 percent of of animal protein consumption .

Comments A single-drug treatment could help prevent drug costs and that some side effects from combination therapies, the Times reported. It could doctors doctors stronger stronger antiretroviral treatment for HIV-positive people who are resistant to first-line therapy, after Joseph Gathe, a Houston-based infectious disease specialists who was involved with one of the studies. But many doctors said at the conference that a single-drug treatment could be HIV-positive people rapidly resistant to the drug, which had what motivated researchers could develop a three-drug combination therapy. Single – single – drug therapy ‘potentially viable for the future, but I would not use it routinely in practice now, ‘Scott Hammer, an infectious diseases specialist at Columbia University Medical Center, emailhe development of new AIDS treatment guidelines led the International AIDS Society – USA, he added that the data support Thursday prescribing the drugs for HIV-positive people can not tolerate certain types of HIV treatment or for those who do not want to take the standard treatment presented. Many doctors at the conference said they thought more studies with hundreds of people were needed, the Times reports. ‘I need more convincing,’Chinkholal Thangsing, a doctor from India , which serves as the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said (Los Angeles Times.

– In clinical trials, the most treatment-emergent treatment-emergent side effects in patients treated with TYGACIL were nausea and vomiting .

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