Hospitals approve Osteotechs Plexur M bone-polymer biocomposite Osteotech

50 U.S . Hospitals approve Osteotech’s Plexur M bone-polymer biocomposite Osteotech, Inc.S. Hospitals to date. The ongoing company expects to receive additional approvals as Plexur M continues to gain mindshare among surgeons. Since the introduction of the controlled launch in the U.S., Plexur M provides been found in a range of surgical procedures and is creating a reputation as a go-to biologic for orthopedic surgeries needing tailored solutions, said Sam Owusu-Akyaw, Osteotech’s President and CEO. As we’ve continued to connect the differentiating advantages that Plexur M presents, we have gained mindshare among orthopedic surgeons centered on orthopedic trauma, joint replacements, and oncology-related techniques.

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