Heart disease is the one cause of death in the United States.

The new document states that advises GPC practices QOF QOF data could be viewed as detrimental to the profession and that practices seen publicly be held accountable.

Dr Meldrum says. ‘It is all of one number of reasons why some practices achieve higher QOF scores than others, many of them outside the direct control of the practice, explained when explained when the data will be released, for example. A higher number of patients with a particular type of disease could difficult more difficult points, or a lack of doctors or nurses in a practice with unfilled vacancies could have the same effect. When these data are published they must be presented in a way, the real meaning attaches to the numbers or they will be open to misinterpretation.Heart disease is the one cause of death in the United States. Are over 13 million adult who coronary heart disease, it share a higher risk for heart attacks, sudden death, angina, heart failure and stroke. Most patients with coronary disease, including myocardial infarction, but no heart failure or ventricular dysfunction. PEACE test if test whether ACE inhibitors added value in this group patients with heart disease, providing relatively good heart function.

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