From April 26-30.

EB 2014 includes the leading researchers from dozens of life-science disciplines. WHO: More than 14,000 biomedical researchers from industry, government, nonprofits, the personal sector and academia WHAT: Experimental Biology, the convergence of six scientific societies' annual meetings WHEN: April 26-30, 2014 WHERE: San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Travel, San Diego, Calif. An interview with Professor Lesley JonesInflammation from diet programs deficient in nutrients donate to weight despite intake of macronutrients Media Registration Free registration is available to credentialed representatives of the press, and an onsite newsroom will be available for media... 5-question screening tool can help clinicians identify which veterans might be at risk of violence A new brief, 5-query screening tool might help clinicians identify which veterans might be at greater threat of violence, according to a new study led simply by a UNC researcher. The scholarly study, published on-line by the American Journal of Psychiatry, is founded on a national study sample of veterans coupled with a smaller, in-depth evaluation sample. The screening device, called the Violence Screening and Evaluation of Needs , asked veterans about economic stability, combat experience, alcoholic beverages misuse, history of violence or arrests, and probable posttraumatic tension disorder plus anger.