Excluding marsupials like the kangaroo and the koala klicka här.

The placenta is a complex organ of maternal and fetal tissues that nourishes the developing fetus in the womb.Most mammals, excluding marsupials like the kangaroo and the koala , a placenta. Because of the placenta, a developing embryo remains longer inside the mother klicka här .

Reznick was by Rob Meredith, a graduate student in the Department of Biology at UCR, joined in his research. They worked on the study with researchers from the University of Connecticut, Connecticut, Texas A & M University, College Station, and the University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Positives parenting and earlier puberty in girls: protective effect against Aggressive Behavior Sylvie Mrug, PhD, Marc Elliott, Janice Gilliland, PhD, Jo Anne Griinbaum, PhD, Susan R. Tortolero, PhD, Paula Cuccaro, PhD, Mark Shoemaker, PhD Arch Pediatr Adolescent Med 2008, 162 : 781-786 Click here of Abstract.