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Difficile infection and in analytical strategies, the emergence of NAAT testing especially. Only an estimated 24 percent of cases occurred in hospital settings, resulting in an estimate of approximately 107,600 hospital-onset infections nationally. This true number is higher than the 80,400 cases of hospital-onset infections which were recently reported from a point-prevalence study conducted from May 2011 through September 2011 in the 10 EIP sites by using similar definitions.9 A possible explanation for this difference may be the uptake of molecular testing for C. Difficile diagnosis by medical center laboratories during 2011.5,19 According to your estimates, nearly 345,400 cases occurred outside of hospitals, indicating that preventing C.Benefits of Choosing a Laser Cataract Surgery A laser has been found in cataract medical procedures as a significant medical advancement. A cataract could cause the natural lens to build up an opacification, or lack of transparency. And it will lead to loss of vision and happens to the people more than 55 years old. This condition is among the most leading cause of vision and sight problems among thousands of people worldwide. Most clinics have used the innovative new technology because of this surgery. There are plenty of benefits this surgery provides when compared to conventional phacoemulsification cataract surgery .