CAncer cells are very active metabolically and consume more glucose than normal tissues symptoms of ed.

The researchers found that the EGFR enables glucose levels achieve sufficient intracellular glucose levels by stabilizing the sodium / glucose transporter 1 via a kinase-independent mechanism. Glucose is a major energy substrate for all cells and cells without appropriate amounts essentially starving to death through a process called autophagy cell death symptoms of ed . CAncer cells are very active metabolically and consume more glucose than normal tissues, in addition, the EGFR overexpression and the associated increased stability of SGLT1 tumor cells under conditions which would survive less than optimal even for normal cells. ‘Our findings suggest that EGFR, independent of its kinase activity, maintains the basal intracellular glucose levels and thereby prevents succumbing to cancer cells autophagic death, it is possible that this function of the EGFR may even increase the survival of cancer cells in the presence cells in the presence of chemotherapeutic agents, ‘offers study author Dr. Mien – Chie Hung. The researchers suggest that the inhibition of EGFR-mediated SGLT1 stabilization and EGFR kinase activity may be necessary for eradication of epithelial tumors.

The EGFR is closely associated with cell proliferation and survival and excessive expression and activation of the EGFR is often observed in cancers of epithelial origin connected. Previously it was assumed that most were mediated by EGFR functions through its kinase activity, and several specifically specifically the kinase activity of the EGFR developed with the goal of the treatment of these cancers. However, clinical experience has been, GlucoseGFR tyrosine kinase activity does not elicit does not elicit significant clinical results in most patients. ‘The level of expression of EGFR in cancer tissues is correlated with prognosis, but not with responsiveness to tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment EGFR, suggesting independent of the kinase activity, EGFR may contribute to the progression of cancer,’said study author Dr. Isaiah J. Fidler from the Department of Cancer Biology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Fidler and colleagues designed a series of studies to investigate the kinase – independent prosurvival function of EGFR in cancer cells.

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The American Migranes prevalence of and Prevention Study will be financed by a research grant which National Headache Foundation from Ortho-McNeil neuroscience Logic, Titusville, New Jersey. The survey won the 2008 Harold Wolff Prize of excellence in a headache research, where awarded by the America Headache Society.