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Researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center say that the number of cancer patients need radiotherapy 22 % 22 %, but the number of new, full-time radiation therapists will increase just 2 %. – the shortage could severely affect patient care. The study data indicated groups most likely ?? people people age 65 and over , which could increase the need for radiotherapy to see 38 per cent, and minorities who? Could you? See demand increase of 45 %.

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‘. Recent decades have been a time of extraordinary advances in cancer research and patient care, ‘said Michael Goldstein, chairman of the ASCO in Oncology in Oncology Task Force and an oncologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston? ‘But if we the coming shortage of oncologists now addressing, we are a major challenge in ensuring that all receive receive high quality care, and benefit you ask of recent progress.-. Of norovirus may be human touch human contact to an infected person, through the contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, or through consumption of contaminated water or foodstuffs According to to the CDC, the majority of foodborne norovirus infection breakouts result from probable directly contamination of food by infected handlers immediately before its use outbreaks many intake of cool foods, including salads, sandwiches and bakery have have been linked. Other people who products such salad dressing or Cupcake glaciation be even sometimes involved as the outbreak causes of oyster from polluted waters widespread the gastrointestinal outbreaks of has been linked..

Pregnancy women should not iodo drop to clean water. Not using of iodine for disinfecting water for long periods of there. Risk of thyroid problems Written by Christian Nordquist Copyright: Medical News Today.

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