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Death from suicide can be more common among doctors than among the general population or among various other professionals, according to background information in the article. ‘Although suicide is strongly linked to depression, the lifetime risk of depression among physicians is similar to that of the general U.S. Populace,’ the authors write. ‘This observation suggests that other factors may contribute to the increased risk of suicide among doctors. Access to lethal medications and understanding of how to use them has been suggested as one factor; however, the influence of professional features and forms of distress other than melancholy are mainly unexplored.’ Tait D. Shanafelt, M.D., of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., and colleagues surveyed members of the American University of Surgeons in 2008.Ricke Kress may be the president of Southern Gardens citrus and in charge of two. 5 million orange trees in the condition of Florida. Because the disease was discovered, Kress and one thousand additional Florida growers, who provide you with the majority of the country’s orange juice, possess battled it with everything they have. They’ve gone as far as chopping down a large number of contaminated trees, spraying a range of different pesticides at triple the normal amount and even seeking out orange trees that carry a natural immunity – all to no avail. Biotechnology to the rescue Kress and others in the orange market decided that the just possible answer to this outbreak lied in biotechnology.