At least 20 minutes vigorous exercise for five or more days per week.

At least 20 minutes vigorous exercise for five or more days per week, normal body weight consumption of 1 soft drink per day or less also assess invasive breast cancer cases that occurred during a mean follow – up of 5.4 years. They examined possible correlations between invasive breast cancer and family history , and whether the women of their healthy lifestyle recommendations turned.

Suggested also during the conference, Greek investigators found that it is a new factor, which show help of a patient prognosis at the time of diagnosis. Their work shows that correlated the expression of specific cell surface molecules on tumor cells with clinical parameters. By the European Society could be a promising prognostic factor in lung carcinomas, thus presenting exciting opportunities for the future. .

the prognosis of lung cancer patients is very dependent on how high their disease in stage I, for example, where the tumor has not spread, 5-year survival rate is about 70 percent, whereas in stage IV, where they metastasize to other parts of the body, the survival is about 1 percent. Even for patients with locally advanced tumors, survival over 5 years is only about 10 percent.SAEC research goals and longer-term plansThe initially SAEC studies industrial Scientific markers. Identify genetic markers with drugs problems hepatic toxicity and SJS is associated, will be a base for the next generation of studies that roll role these genetic variations in the development of of drug – SAEs. Every research findings are accessible to the public period of 12 months after the trial is group of genotype. Which SAEC manages information technology infrastructure order to study the research of free and unhindered access about dates offering. Results of received to early studies by researchers then determine then determine be valid are reassessed than predictive markers.

Which SAEC is a charitable entity of leading pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions and along by research and strategic input by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .

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Nationwide, the average waiting time between detects an abnormal screening results and follow-up diagnostic mammography 20 days.