Approves Florida Plan

Plan, Approves Florida Plan, Medicaid Pilot Program for beneficiaries Switches to create managed care, Caps Some BenefitsManaged Care Plan ‘Opt Out ‘option Under the plan, Florida Medicaid beneficiaries range of number of managed care plans, ‘most likely HMOs, although state officials predicted that physician and hospitals together could also provide a service provide services that the ‘reports the Miami Herald (Miami Herald, the state will automatically register Medicaid beneficiaries in managed care plans in the event that they selection selection . Moreover, the plan will allow Medicaid beneficiaries have access to employer-sponsored health insurance ‘opt out’of the program and will receive subsidies for premiums for employer to pay sponsored coverage. Under the opt-out option would pay all Medicaid beneficiaries copayments and deductibles financed by the employer health insurance required. Under the plan, the state would also pay funds into individual accounts for Medicaid beneficiaries in in weight loss, smoking cessation and other programs, is health.

Likely Comments According to the New York Times, the Florida plan is a role model for many other states to to move from the traditional Medicaid defined benefit program to a defined contribution program. Said, said, Today, as a day of transformation for the Florida Medicaid program will be remembered, and added, Florida – framework will be useful for other countries is part of the national debate on how to Medicaid program Medicaid program. is, according to the St. Petersburg Times, Bush is likely to call a special session of the Diet for the week of December 5. Senate President Tom Lee said in a statement praising the plan, he added. I will be with my Senate colleagues and House Speaker Allan Bense awarded on where we go from here, Karen Woodall, a lobbyist for the National Organization for Women and groups Medicaid Medicaid beneficiaries, said: I’m not the hurry the rush I think there are still a number of unanticipated changes that should lead the legislature to the brakes on this. .

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