Ahmed said The results provide the necessary proof of concept.

Ahmed said The results provide the necessary proof of concept , the green light is much larger studies that examine the effectiveness of HIFU as a standard treatment for men with localized prostate cancer.

HIFU, the removal of small lumps of cancer cells comprising prostate tissue is used as an alternative to conventional treatments such as radical entire gland removed in men with prostate cancer investigated. Is similar to the is similar to the option of a lumpectomy as an alternative to a complete mastectomy for breast cancer.

New Prostate Cancer ultrasound treatment shows promiseA new experimental treatment for localized prostate cancer high intensity high-intensity focused ultrasound to be more effective and have fewer side effects than conventional treatments, according a new study published early online in used The Lancet Oncology on Tuesday..PsychoGenics ‘ proprietary drug discovery programs technology combining their wide in vivo conduct expert the latest developments for robotics, computer vision and bio / Chemicals computer science to assess drug candidate on potential use for the entire spectrum of neuropsychiatry indications. In cooperation with pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, Neurosciences, has been backing for the identification of therapeutic potential for a multitude of early or late stages compounds , including some with innovative first – in-class mechanism of action like PSN0041. Source: Psylin Neurosciences.

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