AGN-209323 little molecule for neuropathic pain: Bristol-Myers Squibb.

today announced a global agreement for the development and commercialization of AGN-209323, a Phase II-ready, administered small molecule in clinical development for orally neuropathic pain. The agreement encompasses all potential indications except ophthalmology indications for items formulated for local delivery to the optical eye, where Allergan will retain certain privileges. Bristol-Myers Squibb can make an upfront payment of $40 million, potential AGN-209323 related development – and regulatory-based milestone payments as high as $373 million, and royalty payments on worldwide product sales.D., executive vice president, Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer, Allergan.On 16 December, 2012, the Uplands Park Police Department was shut down. The police drive of eight, including veteran Sgt. Janet Riley, was terminated. These were forced at hand over their badges, and their squad vehicles have been towed away. Unlicensed officers posing as law enforcement The police department was house to convicted felons Lamont Kenneth and Aikens Minner. Both officers had been investigated after an incident in ’09 2009, where Aikens chased a speeding car into another, eliminating a mom of four. Upon investigation, both officers had been convicted because they didn’t possess licenses to work as cops. Officer guilty of raping escorts Leon Pullen, previous Upland Park officer, contacted women on-line and arranged to pay them for sexual acts. Once he found its way to uniform at the escort’s home, he’d take the girl money and travel her to the police station where he sexually assaulted her.