AGA Medical first-quarter net sales increase 15.

relating to the January 2007 patent infringement action against the business, filed by Medtronic. AGA Medical will make payments over four years to Medtronic in the total amount of $35 million. This settlement addresses all existing products, and also any services commercialized and produced by AGA Medical, using nitinol for the entire term of the patents in dispute, referred to as the Jervis patents ; and Continued enrollment in its pivotal RESPECT scientific trial designed to study whether patent foramen ovale closure is more advanced than medical management in stopping recurrent stroke, with 726 patients enrolled in the study and 1, by April 30 352 individual follow-up years, 2010.A bootstrap-resampling method with 10,000 replicates was used to calculate 95 percent self-confidence intervals of the geometric opportinity for the egg-reduction prices.27 The differences in egg-reduction rates were determined under the assumption that nonoverlapping confidence intervals indicated statistical significance. Results Participants and Baseline Data Of 900 kids who were invited to participate, 798 had complete baseline data . Of the, 774 children were positive for T. Trichiura, 464 were infected with hookworm, and 461 had an A. Lumbricoides disease. Triple-species infections were diagnosed in 316 children .