ADCs are a unique combination of a precise and specific monoclonal antibody.

T-DM1 combined two approaches in a medicine: the anti-cancer activity of the trastuzumab antibody signals cancer more aggressively and signals of the body blocks the immune system to make to destroy cancer cells, and the targeted delivery cytotoxic strong DM1. This year, Genentech and Roche initiated a Phase III trial evaluating T-DM1 in women with HER2-positive advanced breast cancer whose disease has progressed after receiving initial treatment.. About T-DM1T-DM1 is a novel antibody-drug conjugate in development for the treatment of HER2-positive advanced breast cancer. ADCs are a unique combination of a precise and specific monoclonal antibody, a linker and a solid strong cytotoxic.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Women are diagnosed with advanced disease have a poor prognosis and only 27 % survive five years.

Genentech technology for T-DM1 licenses under an agreement with ImmunoGen, Genentech has a significant development program of ADCs with various targets and in different stages of research and development. Cancer Society,R2-positive advanced breast cancer.Cook Medical, one of the largest private medical device companies, announced a big step forward in the treatment to the recto-vaginal fistulas, abnormal agreements entered into between of a Women rectum and vagina make. Which recto Vaginal Fistula Surgisi organic design communicating with the body of the patient, signal surrounding tissues over over said plug all close to the fistula tract. That action supports the healing process by gaining cells of and nutrients to for the wounded the range. After said healing process is complete , the Surgisis the Biodesign Recto – Vaginal Fistula Plug detected and leaves a strong repairing.

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