Active Healthy Kids Canada releases 2011 Report Card on exercise for children.

‘Taking into consideration the essential need for an answer to the youth inactivity crisis inside our nation and the need for the overall, long-term health of our youth and kids, there should be more advocacy programs set up to ensure the federal government is held accountable.’ Gleam need for educational institutions to implement after-school policies and applications – recruiting parents, educators and caregivers to participate and offer suitable activities that are appealing for varied abilities, genders and age groups. ‘Parents and caregivers play a significant function in helping to change our children’s after-school habits,’ says Kelly Murumets, President and CEO, ParticipACTION. ‘Support can be as basic as encouraging your child to test for sports groups, using active transportation as much as possible, restricting tv viewing, computer and video games through the after-school period, or making the playground, of the couch instead, an after-college destination.’ Among the 23 grades assigned in the Record Card, key grades include: ‘F’ for Active Play ‘D’ for Active Transportation ‘C-‘ for Physical Education ‘D+’ for Family Physical Activity ‘D-‘ for Municipal Guidelines and Regulations..1 reason behind death of kids, exceeding cancer and heart disease combined.D., Mayo Clinic trauma surgeon. 1 cause of death of children, exceeding cancer and heart disease combined.D., Mayo Clinic pediatric cosmetic surgeon. Mayo was commended for many aspects of its trauma treatment, including rapid transfers for individuals from the emergency division to the next stage of care, its bloodstream lender and laboratory support, staff expertise and qualifications, multidisciplinary commitment, integrated approach, and excellent radiological assets in accessing imaging for incoming sufferers, among others.

Aditazz, Develop partner to market Patient Mobility Platform Aditazz announced a strategic partnership with inventor Roger Leib to jointly develop and market the individual Mobility Platform, a suite of mobility products conceived and designed by Leib, founder of Develop, LLC.