ACOEM to sponsor Fall Training course Cluster in Denver.

ACOEM to sponsor Fall Training course Cluster in Denver, Colorado The American University of Environmental and Occupational Medication will sponsor a Fall Course Cluster, November 11-13, 2011, in Denver, Colorado. This course provides an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the specialty.Sulfates and other toxic chemicals present in regular products are the major hair-damage contributors. They build-up residues on scalp – blocking follicles and disrupting regular hair growth cycle in the long run. Sulfates cause scalp itchiness and flakiness by removing all essential oils from it. They make hair tough and dry. Scientists have established that sulfates, which are actually a harsh group of detergents, are scalp – and skin-irritants. In addition they suspect them to become carcinogenic. Using sulfate products with sulfate-free hair regrowth treatment is a worse idea. To obtain the maximum benefit from sulfate-free locks regrowth treatment of the brand, use Keranique shampoo and conditioner.