Abortion verdict out: more debates ensue By Dr Ananya Mandal.

They were charged after law enforcement found empty packets of the abortion medications RU486 and Misoprostol while searching their home within an unrelated investigation in February last year. RU486 and Misoprostol are legally obtainable but their use is restricted. Mr Brennan’s sister sent the medicines from Ukraine. The hit the news after debates came forth on existing Queensland’s abortion laws and mounting pressure on the state government to decriminalize the practice. University of Queensland medical ethics Associate Professor Malcolm Parker stated that the not liable verdicts have over-ruled the law. He said that regarding to a stringent interpretation of the criminal code it appeared an offence had been committed. In his closing directions, Judge Costs Everson informed the jury that they have to agree that what Ms Leach took was harmful for her.Full text message of the articles is online at ‘This group of articles-like discussions at the Bellagio meeting-focuses on how to leverage e-Health to advance health solutions in particularly underserved conditions,’ says AMIA President & CEO Ted Shortliffe. ‘E-health applications to improve healthcare quality and access in resource-constrained portions of the world are a pastime area which has grown right into a main initiative for AMIA since then.’ Health Affairs contributor William Hersh, MD, seat of the Department of Medical Clinical and Informatics Epidemiology at Oregon Health and Sciences University, and a popular AMIA distance-learning instructor, says, ‘The concepts of informatics apply whether or not you are in a developed or developing nation: For e-Health to succeed, you need sound informatics to focus on information and how it can be used by you to boost health, healthcare, public wellness, or a specialized health-related practice area.’ He adds, ‘Technology is only a tool to greatly help produce quality health outcomes; the mandatory component for success is a well-trained employees.’..