Abiomed announces new data from its USpella IRB registry of Impella 2.

Abiomed announces new data from its USpella IRB registry of Impella 2.5 patients Abiomed Inc. , a respected provider of breakthrough heart support technologies, today announced new scientific data from USpella, the initial U click here .S. Multicenter registry of Impella 2.5 patients evaluating the feasibility and safety of still left ventricular support with the Impella 2.5 during high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention and treatment of acute myocardial infarction . USpella, provided at TCT 2009 by Brijeshwar Maini, M.D., co-seat, cardiovascular research, interventional cardiologist, Pinnacle Health; attending cardiologist, Moffitt Heart & Vascular Group, evaluated data from 16 Impella 2.5 centers with IRB acceptance and over 181 sufferers from the a lot more than 1,000 reported commercial Impella 2.5 cases.

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