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This is actually the fourth orphan drug we have licensed-in and it again demonstrates our dedication to rare diseases. .. Abiogen Pharma, Lee’s Pharma sign deal to advertise Neridronic Acid Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. Under the term of the contract, Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. Neridronate may be the just therapeutic agent accepted in the world for such orphan illnesses: OI and CRPS . Neridronate showed superior safety profile in long-term make use of and is highly tolerated by adults and pediatric population. It is the only bisphosphonate indicated for use in kids and neonates. Dr. Massimo Di Martino, President & CEO of Abiogen Pharma stated: I am pleased to see that Neridronate could cross political and geographic barriers to benefit the patients.Utilize the hashtag #14Days to share your stories and photos.

Adopting pharmacy carve-in approach might help 13 states realize more than $11 billion cost savings in Medicaid Thirteen states may realize over $11 billion cost savings in Medicaid over a decade while strengthening their coordinated treatment models A study sponsored by Medicaid Health Plans of America released today by The Lewin Group finds large-scale cost savings may be accomplished if 13 states abandoned their current pharmacy carve-out model in favor of a carve-in approach – – including prescription medications in health plans’ capitation payments.1 billion over 10 years through the carve-in model. We commissioned this research showing that health plans’ administration of the Medicaid pharmacy advantage is better than in the fee-for-service setting and how much these states might actually save if indeed they switched to the carve-in model, said Thomas L.