A mind-reading machine could shortly be reality By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Research is currently continuing in order to provide more detailed info on the biology and geographical distribution of this new species. These outcomes emphasize the important place of taxonomy for studying malaria vectors. The knowledge acquired on these vectors shall help get to know the epidemiology of the condition. Very similar studies are already under way in additional regions of Africa with the long-term goal of establishing a thorough database that will hold information on the Anopheles vectors of malaria..They found eight of 68 controls and 11 of 60 prostate malignancy samples were misclassified. This means 88 % of the time, samples that were not really cancerous were correctly identified and 81. 6 % of that time period, samples which were cancerous tested positive. ‘These 22 biomarkers appear to be the right number. If you used way too many or too few, the accuracy went down a bit. Our findings held up when we tested the model on an unbiased set of blood serum samples,’ Chinnaiyan says. The total results became more dependable at predicting cancer than prostate specific antigen, which is a single biomarker. PSA testing results in a fake positive around 80 % of that time period, leading to needless prostate biopsies. The standard range for the PSA check is significantly less than 4.0 nanograms per milliliter generally in most men.